Honor comes not from serving, but how one served. And whom they served with!


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  • Teaching
  • Animals
  • The outdoors
    The outdoors
  • My children
    My children
  • The outdoors.
    The outdoors.
  • My poopy dirl.., lol
    My poopy dirl.., lol
  • My family
    My family
  • Love of America
    Love of America
  • Flying
  • Veteran's rights.
    Veteran's rights.
  • Branson, Missouri at Christmas time.
  • Hiking the hills.
  • Camping near the lake.
  • Shooting competitions.
  • Teaching those who want to learn.
  • Putting the bad guys in jail.
  • True friends of common interest.
  • Fine dining.
  • Cooking outside (smoking).
  • Flying aircraft.
  • Almost anything worth doing, that doesn't involved the negative in life.
Not to make any claims of grand ability, but I am writing my first book, and hope to have it completed after the first of the year. So stay tuned.

I've published training materials before, which was satisfactory to me, but I really want to see how creative I can be.

Crossing the fingers.